For many years, carboxy therapy was considered to be an effective method to treat scars and pigmented spots. Recently, the studies showed that, in addition to its known effects, carboxy therapy can reduce the subcutaneous far and as a result, reduce the puffiness of the eyes. It is also proven to have a significant effect on improving the dark circles, freckles, acne and atopic dermatitis.

New Technology of OxyGel

OxyGel Mask comes as a gel and a sheet mask. Once they come in contact, CO2 is generated. It is then quickly absorbed into the skin and immediate effect appears. The reaction between the Gel and the MASK takes approximately about 20-30 minutes to be completed, and for CO2 to be absorbed through the skin.


CO2 promotes an increased level of O2 supply to the area, which is an essential to the cell metabolism. Once CO2 is absorbed into the skin, O2-rich blood flows in response to the increased level of CO2 . as a result of skin cell exposure to more O2 levels, their metabolism improves and that enhances the texture of the skin. 

What Skin Problems Does Poor Blood Circulation Cause?


WE all know poor circulation can affect our state of health, but do you know that it significantly affects the health of the skin too? OxyGel improves skin problems that are caused by poor blood circulation. The gel can be used for people who experience;

1. Unflattering skin tone (or dullness of the skin), pale skin
2. Skin discoloration, pigmentation spots, dark spots, blotchy complexion
3. Acne and problematic skin, due to poor lymphatic drainage of the toxins from the skin
4. Slower Scar healing, due to lack of nutrient and oxygen supplies to the skin
5. Wrinkle formations and early signs of aging, due to slower collagen production and poor nutrient supply
6. Dark eye circles, caused by less oxygenated blood in the thin layers around the eyes, manifesting in bluish/purplish appearance.

OxyGel introduces CO2 to the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Increased blood circulation promotes the reproduction of the skin cells. This process improves the skin tone and fades the pigmentation spots and overall, enhances the skin condition.

Physiological Action

1. Face Slimming Effects
a. When CO2 is generated by combining the mask and the gel, it gets absorbed by phospholipids layers.
b. Phospholipids are double layered components of the skin. When CO2 comes in contact with these layers, it gets absorbed through DDS or defusing degassing structure. As a result, tissues become densified and slimming effect takes place.

2. Vasovagal reaction
a. The vasovagal reaction improves blood circulation to the skin and as a result vitalizing the skin by improving metabolism. Co2 stimulates vasovagal reaction and consequently give you a healthier and more beautiful skin.

3. Anti Inflammatorily effect
a. Anti-inflammation improves the skin condition when inflammation happens. Co2 improves natural healing and inhibits inflammation of acne, but cannot be used to treat acne directly.

4. Improving Blood Flow
a. Red blood cells, as the carrier of oxygen, must reach the skin around the capillary vessels. Sufficient blood flow to the cells provides every cell with adequate oxygen supply. The absorbed CO2 through the skin stimulates more blood flow to the area.

5. Moisturizing Effect
a. OxyGel helps to maintain the balance of the skin oil and the moisture to enhance the texture and give it a healthier look.

6. Deep Moisturizing and Anti-Aging Effects
a. The most known basic skin protection is to supply and maintain the moisture of skin. Supplying moisture to the skin is an absolute essential as well as maintaining it. This product is developed for all skin types especially for use in dry seasons such as fall and winter. OxyGel is an excellent product for keeping the balance between the skin’s natural oil and moisture. The gel improves face lines and roughness caused by dry conditions and enhances the cell metabolism as it slows down by aging.

How to Use OxyGel

1. Wash and cleanse your face

2. Thoroughly and thickly apply the whole content of the gel to the face. (use one whole container for each time)

3. Place a sheet mask onto the face where the gel is applied. Pat the skin gently with the fingertips for 10 minutes to ensure full absorption. The CO2 effect can be felt on the skin immediately.

4. After 20-30 minutes, when the CO2 effect is complete, remove the mask.

5. Remove the remaining gel off the face with a tissue paper or a towel and rinse off with warm water. Note: For better effects, keep the gel in the refrigerator. You may feel tingling during the use of OxyGel. Face may get partially reddened. This is not a side effect. It is due to the rush of blood to the skin which may raise the temperature. The redness will wear off and skin will recover its natural tone within a few minutes.